Jan 15

Business Insights

Jim Roche, Chief Executive and founder of Incereb offers his top three tips of starting a successful business:

Raising the right money  “as a venture-capital company, I have learned the hard way that raising investment is extremely difficult and takes a long time. It’s very expensive money. Raise enough as not to run out to avoid returning, cap-in-hand!”

Sales relationships “Successful sales is difficult and this is underestimated  by non-sales people. I have bought medical equipment as a clinician and subsequently sold such equipment as a sales-person. I have never bought from an individual or company I did not like, and I’ve never sold equipment to someone I did not have a good relationship with.

Customer care “Customer service begins with your very first sales call. When there are problems, as there invariably are, it is the relationship between buyer and seller which gets the problems resolved quickly and without the pain.

More news from Incereb can be found at: www.Incereb.com

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