Nov 16

Kim Mackenzie-Doyle – Head of Design at Hub controls is asking for your support

” The Hub Contoller is up for a IDI Public Choice award this year, it would be great validation for all the hard work put in by the team over the last 2+ years. And if you also don’t mind forwarding on this on I would very grateful.”

The competition is linked to an IP address so only one vote per IP (so voting on phone or at home is best).

Thanks so much for your support on this.

The HUB Controller

The designer set out to deliver a smarter thermostat, the Household Utility Bill (HUB) Controller, which gives the power back to the consumer. The challenge was to create a device that would easily replace a mechanical thermostat and elegantly sit on the wall while giving the family full control. They wanted to create a product that would echo what people would want their environment to be: safe, solid, trusted. Simplicity was vital and child safety was a key concern. They aimed to speed up the flow of installation, designing the unit to be extremely easy to fit in 5 minutes. They have created a user interface that is as simple and approachable as possible. Creating a unique scheduling feature that is controlled by mobile phone, it allows users to input their monthly spend and ‘set it and forget it’.

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