Data Collection

General Statement

Synergy Centre ITT Dublin fully respects your rights to privacy and will not collect any personal information without your clear permission. Any personal information which you volunteer when you visit our website through e-mails or when using our online feedback forms will be treated with the highest standard of security and confidentiality. This is strictly in accordance with the Data Protection Acts 1988 & 2003.

HEA Student Collection Notice 2014

As Synergy Centre is very much part of the campus at ITT Dublin the following may apply…

We will send some of the information we hold about you to the Higher Education Authority (HEA). This
information forms your HEA student record, which does not include your contact details (name, address
or telephone number).
About nine months after you graduate, we will contact you to ask you to fill in the HEA ‘First Destination
of Graduates Survey’ questionnaire. We will not give your contact details to the HEA.
The HEA student record is used for three broad purposes:

1. Statutory functions

The HEA record is used by the organisations listed below, or agents acting on their behalf, to carry out
their public functions connected with education in the Republic of Ireland.

The HEA will provide your student record to CDETB (SUSI) an agent of the Department of Education and
Skills. This record will include data on any previous enrolment in higher education in the Republic of
Ireland. The HEA record is provided to CDETB (SUSI) for the purposes of verifying data supplied as part of
grant applications, verifying that a student is enrolled or registered in accordance with the rules of an
approved institution, assisting in the processing of applications for grants and determining an applicant’s
eligibility for grant support under the education progression requirements of the Student Grant Scheme
and the Student Support Act 2011.
The HEA record may also be used by the Central Statistics Office in order to carry out their statutory
functions of measuring population levels and monitoring public expenditure.
Your HEA record will not otherwise be used in any way that affects you personally.

2. HEA publications

HEA use the HEA student record to produce anonymised aggregate data in annual statistical
publications. These include some National Statistics publications and online management information

3. Research, equal opportunity, journalism, other legitimate interest/public function
HEA will also supply anonymised aggregate data to third parties for the following purposes:

Individuals cannot be identified from this anonymised aggregate data.

Your Rights

Under the Data Protection Act 1998, you have rights of access to the data HEA holds about you. This information can only be obtained by the individual presenting with a photographic ID to the HEA