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Cloud Software development

Visual ID develops Cloud solutions under our EZY brand for the Retail, Financial, Motor, Educational, Real Estate, Service and FMCG industries, which allow clients to:

Store, Collaborate, Distribute, Produce and Personalise Marketing & Trading materials For;
Print, Social Media, Digital Screens & WEB
Complex Marketing systems made EZY

Our Products:

  • EZY DAM:
    Storage and distribution facility with Scalable storage
  • EZY Team:
    A team collaborative /approval system allowing bespoke projects having unique teams commenting, annotating and managing version control on all artwork and Video files.
  • EZY Edit:
    Artwork / Template editing system / Local controlled editing
  • EZY Sign:
    Integrating client databases to Auto generate complaint and accurate materials
  • EZY Production:
    A Head office production system allowing clients to mass produce materials on line
  • EZY Order:
    Integrated order system for print on demand and stock materials
  • EZY Share:
    Integrated production and delivery of content to Social Media / Digital screens and WEB platforms