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Forget what you know about smart thermostats – The HUB Controller is the smarter thermostat that is going to change the way people manage their households and give them back control over their money.

In a time when incomes can’t keep up with the exponential increase of household heating bills, people need an alternative to manage their homes more efficiently.

This is where HUB Controls comes into their homes: By showing people how much money they are spending in real time and giving them the tools to manage a budget of their choice, the HUB Controller is going to allow everyone to finally have control over their heating bills, as they should have had in the first place.

But that’s not all. The Household Utility Bill Controller, or HUB Controller, will allow people to control the heating in their houses from anywhere they want on their computers, tablets and smart phones. In addition, the device can be fitted into any household system, with no special requirements whatsoever.

Can you still remember what a smart thermostat used to be?