RF Technology Centre

The RF Anechoic Chamber is located on the 2nd Floor of the Synergy/CASH building. The chamber is fully screened and fitted with RF absorbers. A device under test is fitted on the turntable, located 3m from the measuring antenna. Frequency of operation is 30MHz to 3GHz for investigative and research work.

Our Mission


To provide radio frequency  applied research services to companies by way of supporting project collaboration and partnership projects.

  • EMC research and investigations up to 3 GHz
  • Range of supports for Start-Up Enterprises in ITT Dublin Synergy Centre (EMC emissions, harmonic analysis, RF, WiFi, Antenna companies etc.)
  • Load Pull applied research for RF transistors
  • (Winner of national research award by MIDAS)
  • Wireless Sensor applied research & testing (low signal)
  • Antenna performance testing
  • Ultra Low Energy, Low Noise Amplifier (LNA) applied research


Brief Overview

  • Set-up in July 2007
  • Significant capital expenditure under the auspices of Enterprise Ireland programmes, ITT-Dublin and Synergy Centre along with support from Agilent Technologies and Fijowave.
  • Successful  track record of Enterprise Ireland Innovation Partnerships and Innovation Vouchers with industry resulting in new  engineering jobs. Supporting companies include Vilicom, Global Security Devices, GreenEgg Technologies, CleverCall, Fijowave, Taoglas and  Gerriko Technologies.
  • Donation of large RF Anechoic Chamber by MITEL & Fijowave in July 2013.